Hands of Antwerp





At the time of Julius Caesar, the dreaded giant Druon Antigoon lived near the river Schelde. All passing ships had to pay him a heavy toll. Boatmen who refused to pay had their hand cut off. One day a Roman warvessel appeared on the river, with the Roman centurion "Silvius Brabo" on board.

Our Roman hero did not intend to pay and defeated the giant, cut off his hand and threw it into the water. Since then, this place was called  “Handwerpen” (throw the hand), later changed to “Antwerpen”.

Our hands are exclusive and are all made of semi-precious stones. You can wear them as a pendant. (size: 4x2cm.) Now available with silver chain! 

     Calcedoon agaat  Carneool agaat  Hematiet  Jade  Labradoriet  Unakiet

                          Landschaps Jaspis  Lapis lazuli  Mahonie Obsidiaan  Malachiet  Onyx agaat  Aventurijn

                          Rhodoniet  Sodaliet  Tijgerijzer   Tijgeroog  Turkoois                       




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