When we first bought the building called “ de zwarte ram ”in 1959 (on the Suikerrui 22), we didn't really have plans on what to do with it.. Then came Mr."Jozef In het Panhuis"(1920-2003) (see picture) our founder with the idea of opening an art gallery on the 1st floor wich soon became a "seashell museum" where our private collection was being exhibited.

After that we started dealing in art with the name “De Gouden Ram ” where drawings, engravements, small paintings and ceramics were sold. After a while we occasionally displayed some seashells from our private collection and soon this became a success. This was actually the start of a new turn in our business. The main articles were "corals" and "seashells" but also "curiosa" from all over the world. Jewellery in mother of pearl, coral necklaces, etc... became an appreciated side-article.

During the years, the importation of seashells and corals became more difficult because of import-restrictions on behalf of nature protection, what we already at that time were supporting. Because of these restrictions on corals and seashells, "minerals" became even more popular.

As you may have already noticed when visiting our store, you can admire an original Japanese decoration. This mezzanine is originally from the “Edo” period, from the times of the  “Togugawa” (see shield on picture) shogun. (here our rarest specimens and most beautiful statues made of semi-precious stones are displayed)

This decoration was imported completely by ship by the family “Cuperus” and was part of the decoration for their tea saloon. (end 19th century)  

We, the family “ In het Panhuis “, welcome you on our website whereby we want to give an idea of our articles, activities and new items.

The family 'In het Panhuis' wants to share her passion for the “honest“ beauty of nature with you.


(De Gouden Ram - team: Mattias, Zoë, Annick and Patrick)




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