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Larimar (NaCa2Si308(OH)

Dominican Republic
H : 5

Larimar is a mineral, a rare variety of pectolite wich is only found in Los Chupaderos in mountain Sierra de Baoruco

However pectolite is found on more places on earth,  Larimar is only found in the Dominican republic. It's also called ‘Atlantisstone'.
Larimar is called after the daughter of  the discoverer of the stone, Miguel Méndez, Larissa and the Spanish word mar = sea.

This stone brings you ‘peace and clarity’ and projects the energy of love and is a curing stone. He stimulates the heart- and troathchakra, and also the 3rd eye and the crownchakra.
Larimar stands for the inner wisdom and helps you to bring it out.  

*We have this stone as a loose pocketstone, pendant, earring, ring, necklace and also as 10mm. beads for the 'changeable' ring.



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